Feedback From Zoom Based Rainbow Map Workshop 10 April 20


What went well? What elements if any might you consider integrating into your practice? If you have already integrated any elements it would be good hear how that experience went for you and/or your clients?

  • It was encouraging to learn how this very effective tool can be used in different ways.  Already I have incorporated this into my practice and it has been received very positively by my clients, being easy to grasp and giving much scope for reflection, fuelling much scope for rich work.


  • I found the day very interesting and detailed. I can see myself using several aspects of the day's material and have already begun to use the 'green' area as a base level so clients are more aware of everything that is going on for them when they feel in a good place.

Based on our experience of the CPD what could have gone better?

  • Perhaps some case study examples to illustrate different ways of using this valuable tool (AT: Yes I agree and this will be done by the end of May and posted in the members section of the website)

  • I would have liked more pointers about moving between the red and blue areas and explaining this to clients. (AT: A very good observation imo and I will work on that and introduce it ito the next CPD)


How useful do you think the Rainbow Map CPD has been? Where 1 is: It has been of very little use, 5: Average, and 10: Extremely useful.

10, 10


How would you rate the Rainbow Map CPD compared to other one day workshops you have been on? Where 1 is: This has been far less useful, 5-6: Average, and 10: This has been far more useful.

9, 9


How would you rate the Rainbow Map CPD in terms of value for money? Where 1 is: This has been very poor value for money, 5-6: Average, and 10 is: This has been extremely good value for money.

10, 10