First Wednesday

Rainbow Map


7:00 - 8:00 pm (UK)

£5 registration fee goes to the charity Shelter

Current dates, click to register and receive a Zoom Link to the Webinar:

Current dates

8 July 20

5 August 20

3 September 20


OverviewThe webinar will give you a chance to:


  • Understand why therapists are rating the Rainbow Map CPD, whether in person or on Zoom as one of the most useful CPDs they have ever attended. 

  • Make a more informed choice about whether it is a sensible investment of your time and money.

During this webinar Andrew will:

  • Briefly introduce the Rainbow Map and the Reflective Mind and Reactive Brain/Body model on which it is based.

  • Offer examples of how therapists from a wide range of mainstream modalities are integrating the CPD in their own ways into client work.

  • Respond to questions, answers and reflections from Webinar participants.