US Pilot FOC Rainbow Map Workshops

Keith Wilson has kindly offered to share this introduction and booking page so that colleagues in the USA can experience the workshop for the first time in North America FOC. See booking dates below.

Dates for US Psychotherapists/Counselors

Please click one of the underlined dates below to book the workshop  you wish to attend free of charge.

Fri April 2 2021**: Starts  9:00 am - 2:30 pm EST 

Sat Apr 10 2021:   Starts 9:00 am - 2:30 pm EST

** workshop is nearly full.

Introduction by Andrew Thomas 

The Rainbow Map workshop  started in the UK and is now being experienced psychotherapists / counselors across Europe and South Africa working in all mainstream modalities with clients experiencing a wide range of issues such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, relationship issues etc. 

Two main elements are delivered at the workshop: The Rainbow Map which is a powerful and flexible therapeutic tool and the Reflective Mind and Reactive Brain/Body model which offers a way to communicate and understand the human system without complexity using everyday language. Both can be integrated into practice together or separately and have been developed to act a therapeutic catalyst for the work already being done by professionals and their clients. 

I am an accredited psychotherapist in the UK and developed the theory base and workshop through thousands of hours of R&D since 2014 based on the latest findings from neuroscience and evolutionary psychology.  

Psychotherapists/counselors from all main stream modalities are integrating it. An article has been published in the UK's leading psychotherapy magazine Therapy Today. 

The online workshop on Zoom is kept to a maximum of eight people to maintain the interaction and interpersonal feel of in person workshops.

What are the outcomes of the workshop i.e. why do it? If you click here  you can read what other psychotherapists / therapists/counselors say about it. 

You will get workshops notes emailed to you two weeks before the workshop and optional pre-reading. The optional pre reading enables you to choose how deep you wish to go into the theory base that forms the foundations for this workshop. The actual workshop is practical and is designed to give each participant hands on experience of the Rainbow Map and Reflective Mind Reactive Brain/Body model both as a practitioner and as a client. 

After the workshop you will get a certificate for 6 hrs training  and access to Therapists Resources Area free of charge.

Psychotherapists/counselors with less than 150 hours of client time should consult with their supervisor prior to booking/attending the Rainbow Map Workshop. See ethics and safeguarding for more information.