Typical Outcomes

Based on results from ongoing

Grounded Theory Research Project started in early 2019


Typical Client Outcomes  (Note these vary as the Rainbow Map is a tool that therapists and counsellors from a wide range of practice modalities are integrating in their work.)

  • For couples and individuals: reinforcing self-confidence and expertise in building psychological self-awareness and resilience.

  • For couples and individuals: creating openings for forgiveness of self and the other through an awareness of the automatic nature of their behaviours when triggered.

  • For couples: noticing the systemic nature of their relationship through their conscious first-hand experience of changes in their own reflective mind and reactive brain/ body system in the lead up to, during and after conflict.

Typical Therapist Outcomes

  • A tool that offers clients a new  and empowering lens through which to notice themselves.

  • An additional forum within therapy for communication, reflection and resource building.

  • Another option in the toolbox to reinvigorate a therapeutic relationship that might feel stuck and/or overwhelmed.