Suffolk Association for Counselling

Rainbow Map Presentation

12 Nov 20

Andrew Thomas MBACP (Accred)

Please note no slides will be used in this presentation to maintain visual contact between participants at all times. It would be greatly appreciated if you could print the two one page PDF files prior to the session. Alternatively please could you click on and open them so that they are ready to view in a separate window on your computer or another computer /tablet/phone for viewing when they are referred to. In addition to maintaining face to face contact you will control how long you can view them. Thank you. 


18:45: Zoom connection checks.

19:00: Short Introduction giving background to the Rainbow Map.

19:10: Introduction to the Reflective Mind and Reactive Brain and Body Model.

19:20: Demonstration of the Rainbow Map being used with a volunteer (Jan Henthorn has kindly agreed to do this).

20:10:  Break (15 mins)

20:25: Short sessions in Zoom breakout rooms to share questions, reflections and ideas

20:35: Question, answer and reflection session.

19:00 End

Prior to the session if possible. Please print the following one-page documents:

1. Reflective Mind and Reactive Brain/Body model. (Black and white draft mode will be fine)

2. Example Completed Rainbow Map. (Colour draft mode will be fine.)