Leigh Brown's (MCOSRT Accred Sex and Relationship Psychotherapist, EMDR MSc) summary of her experience integrating the Rainbow Map into her private practice (presented with her kind permission):

"I have used the Rainbow Map in my practice over the last year and a half. It has proved to be a versatile tool with couples and individuals.


Visually it portrays the patterns of behaviour people repeat which cause problems. By separating out the main elements of the human system and observing the interaction within themselves and others the Rainbow Map helps facilitate awareness and allows for clients to step themselves up or down back to the state where they are in functional adult, calmer and more reflective.


Clients recognise through their pre identified triggers when they are straying towards the red or purple. It promotes taking responsibility for their own reactions and reduces blame and criticism within relationships.

The Rainbow Map works well across the ages and has induced some ‘lightbulb’ moments. With couples it can enhance understanding of the emotional dance they find themselves in. With traumatised clients it helps normalise the extreme emotions they are feeling. It has become a staple in my therapeutic toolbox."