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The Two hour Rainbow Map Experience Session


For anyone who would like to become more aware of how their Reflective Mind and Reactive Brain/Body triggers in response to what is happening within and around them. 


Upcoming dates and times.


Price: £20 approx $30 depending on exchange rates


1/3 of the fee goes to Shelter a charity for the homeless. 

A two hour online psychoeducation workshop open to members of the general public.

If you are currently working with a psychotherapist / counsellor it is advisable to talk about whether participating would be beneficial for you in the context of the work you are doing together.

During the workshop you will experience the Rainbow Map directly and how your emotions, styles of thinking and sensations change and interact when you trigger into a fight/flight and/or freeze/hide/play dead style of behaviour.  You will identify your own personal trigger flag that will enable you to more reliably notice when you are starting to trigger. You will also plot your own Trigger Cycle which makes explicit your typical triggering patterns and duration.

This is a psychoeducation workshop not a psychotherapy session, although you will find it useful in terms of being more aware of how you react to yourself and the world around you.

There is a safeguarding session at the beginning to ensure that your experience of the Rainbow Map during the session is unlikely to cause you issues during the workshop or afterwards. You can leave the workshop at any time and request a full refund.

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