Rainbow Map CPD/Workshop

Optional Pre-Reading

1. Glossary for the Rainbow Map CPD/Workshop.


Not essential reading but the link below opens the glossary page that helps to make the limited amount of jargon you will experience on the workshop more familiar from the start. This glossary can also be found at the back of the notes you have printed out for the workshop.

Rainbow Map CPD/Workshop Glossary

2. Building on Siegal's Window of Tolerance.

This document also provides an evolutionary allegorical story that links to the Rainbow Map Workshop, Trigger Based Therapy from which it is a spin off and the efficacy of other trauma/PTSD orientated practice modalities.

3. Core human learning modalities and their relative importance from the earliest neurological activity after conception until steady state is approached.


For those that like to get a shovel out to dig deeper into the theory base behind the training courses they go on. This is a densely packed one-page document that will ultimately get expanded when I have time. 

4. Conceptual Model of the Human Mind and Reactive Brain/Body System.

This forms the foundation for Trigger Based Therapy from which the Rainbow Map is a spin off tool being used by therapists in all mainstream modalities.

For those that like to get heavy earth moving equipment out to dig deeper into the theory base behind the training courses they go on. Probably best to pour a large glass of wine and drink at least half of it before you open this one page document.


Developed from thousands of hours of reading, practice, and reflection. It typically takes me time and sometimes wine to reconnect and understand what it means each time I come back to it. I was a chemical/petroleum engineer in a previous incarnation and have drawn on the material balance concept from that area of science and engineering to compliment developments in the fields of neuroscience, evolutionary pyschology and genetics.