Therapists Area


Click here to enter this pass word protected part of the side.  IMPORTANT: If your password does not work and you have attended the one day Rainbow Map CPD please call or send an email to for help. Thank you.

The Rainbow Map is only available to members of mainstream therapy organisations such as the APA, BACP, BDPP, PACFA, UKCP, USABP etc that have a well established code of ethics. Only trainees (with prior agreement of their supervisor) or experienced therapists (see Ethics section) are eligible to attend the one day CPD.  

The password protected Therapists Area  provides the following resources to those who have attended the one day CPD:

Written Resources

These recap the training day and provide additional information to participants work with the Rainbow Map and additional background theoretical background information.

Audio Resources

Recapping the main elements of the CPD.


For Therapists who wish to print out additional copies of  the Aide-Memoir, Rainbow Map etc. These and other resources are updated from time to time, so the latest version is also available.