The Rainbow Map

one day (6hrs) CPD/Workshop

What participants say about the Rainbow Map CPD/Workshop:


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Overview and Goals of the Rainbow Map Workshop

A practical CPD focussed on experiencing the Rainbow Map as both therapist and client, interspersed with short sections of theory and sessions for questions, answers and reflections. 

The goal of the CPD/Workshop is to introduce and give you first-hand experience of:

  • A model of the human system that does not use complex jargon or concepts. Therapists who integrate this model into their work report finding it to be a useful psychoeducational tool helping clients exert more choice in how they react to themselves, others and their environment. 

  • Working with the Rainbow Map as both therapist and client and how that can be flexibily integrated in a way that follows rather than leads how you practice.

  • The concept of the Trigger Flag and Trigger Cycle and the therapeutic possibilities they create from both the therapists’ and clients’ perspectives through the Rainbow Map practice sessions.

  • The acronym FOPPI which has been developed to provide a clear and jargon free way to help clients understand and recall how their evolved and ancient Reflective Mind and Reactive Brain/Body survival system reacts to threat in a modern world where the risks of being attacked or starving are far lower for most of us.

Before and after the CPD/Workshop

At least one week prior to your workshop you will receive an email with links to the concise Rainbow Map Notes and Resources folder to be printed out prior to the workshop. This resource also holds optional pre CPD/Workshop reading which is covered on the day. In addition the email holds links to other resources for those that like to dig deeper into the theory.

The Notes and Resources folder is highly rated by participants, many of whom appreciate an early opportunity to review the material in support of their learning during the workshop.

Following the workshop, you will have free and ongoing access to the password protected Therapists’ Resources Section of the Rainbow Map website. This provides additional background materials, audio resources and downloads of the latest versions of the Rainbow Map and the Aide-Memoire in addition to a Members’ Forum where questions and issues can be raised with fellow members of the website.

Immediately following the workshop you will receive links to the latest version of the Rainbow Map in PDF form which can be printed out for face to face work or shared with clients for online work.

Ethos and Outcomes

The Reflective Mind and Reactive Brain/Body Model underpins the design of the Rainbow Map and the CPD/Workshop. It has also been developed to support the quality of the therapeutic relationship through the sharing of expertise and power in the therapy room.

The integration of the Rainbow Map CPD/Workshop into a wide range of practice modalities offers therapists and their clients additional opportunities to reinforce existing resources and create new ones.

Awareness of their Trigger Flag and Cycle enables clients to activate therapeutic resources more reliably, which supports their psychological robustness and the ongoing reconditioning of their Reflective Mind and Reactive Brain/Body system.​