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Rainbow Map Workshop

Integrating the Reflective Mind and Reactive Brain/Body system in online and in-person practice

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Participants rate the online and in-person Rainbow Map CPD one of the most useful workshops they have ever experienced. 

The Rainbow Map has been developed for experienced psychotherapists/counsellors who are looking for new ways to support communication, reflection, and self-awareness in both themselves and their clients.


Perhaps you are also looking for a therapeutic tool for those times when, despite your best efforts, things have stalled and a new perspective

might help?

Read about the Rainbow Map in the BACP's Therapy Today Magazine here. Includes two case studies. See an example Rainbow Map. 

1/3 of all fees go to the leading charity for homelessness in whatever country the workshop is run ie Shelter in the UK.

Join Rainbow Map creator Andrew Thomas MSc, MA, MBACP (Accred) for an online or in-person CPD (£45 - £65). Book


Online Rainbow Map CPD 

In-Person Rainbow Map CPD